Ivy Rock Farm

The focus of Ivy Rock Farms is to offer a positive, friendly environment and qualities facilities to all of our clients. The serene atmosphere of the farm gives all people, young and old, from all backgrounds, the opportunity to really experience the gift of horses.

Our philisophy of holistic horsemanship emphasized the importance of looking at the "whole" picture including the interdependence of the horse and rider. While our talented trainers are experts at starting your horses, correcting problem areas, or teaching a new discupling; they excel at creating a harmonious and enjoyable partnership between horse and rider.

Our instructors are talented people who are open and willing to share their knowledge. They are honest and straight-forward and they create an atmosphere of learning that promotes self-confidence and enthusiasm in all their riders. Riding must be fun for a student to really learn the physically and mentally demanding task of riding correctly. Probably one of the most important factors to consider about an instructor is the way in which instructions are given. Our instructors observe each rider carefully and correct errors in your riding in positive ways, making your experience pleasant and enjoyable.


These facilities are certified with The New York State Horse Health Assurance Program (NYSHHAP) and they are the only
boarding & lesson establishments in the state of NY that has its staff certified for Techinical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER).

Large Animal Rescue
Ivy Rock Farms, LLC - Hollybush Classical Dressage Center & Schunnemunk Shadow Stables

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