Ivy Rock Farm

Owner, Shelley Gray, started Ivy Rock Farms with the goal to provide the highest quality of horse care possible and to create a facility that allows children & adults, from all walks of life, to enjoy horses safely, affordably and with excellent instruction. These two beautiful, full-service equestrian facilities were created with careful attention to meet the individual needs of each horse and rider. These barns could not function without the highly-qualified, dedicated and caring staff that were selected by Shelley because of their extensive experience in horse care and training.While many stables claim to provide this level of horse care, Ivy Rock Farms has actually created an atmosphere with the horse always in mind first.

Shelley Gray has been caring for & boarding horses for over 15 years. She strives to continue educating herself and her staff with the latest in horse care, pasture maintanence, and barn standards. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, Shelley and her staff were all certified in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER). They are the only facility in the state to have their employees certified and several of them volunteer with the county's CART team to be called out and assist during trailer accidents or other emergency based incidents. In 2010, Shelley and several staff members were inducted into the prestigious Cornwall New Windsor Monroe Horse Thief Detecting Society. Horse care and safety is paramount in the daily operations of these facilites. The goal here is to provide the best care for the horse inside and out, regardless of the riders discipline. It is by no surprise that both Schunnemunk and Hollybush also became certified by the New York State Horse Health Assurance program and that they are only one of 14 boarding facilities with lesson programs to be approved in the entire state of NY.

Our instructors are carefully chosen to be apart of the Ivy Rock team. They are talented people who are open and willing to share their knowledge. They are honest and straight-forward and they create an atmosphere of learning that promotes self-confidence and enthusiasm in all their riders. Riding must be fun for a student to really learn the physically and mentally demanding task of riding correctly. Probably one of the most important factors to consider about an instructor is the way in which instructions are given. Our instructors observe each rider carefully and correct errors in your riding in positive ways, making each experience fun.

Shelley Gray, owner

Message from Shelley Gray:

Horses are my passion and I take great pride in how they are cared for and treated at my facilities. These majestic animals deserve respect and a life that is as natural as it can be. Our horses are out as much as possible on our pesticide free fields. They eat the best Purina feeds, natural hay that we grow, and drink fresh mineral enriched water. Their stalls mimic the outdoor earth with our Stall Mattress systems which encourage them to lay down and relax. Our goal here is to make our horses as happy as they make us.

Shelley and Woody



These facilities are certified with The New York State Horse Health Assurance Program (NYSHHAP) and they are the only
boarding & lesson establishments in the state of NY that has its staff certified for Techinical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER).

Large Animal Rescue
Ivy Rock Farms, LLC - Hollybush Classical Dressage Center & Schunnemunk Shadow Stables

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